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Don’t Let Water Damage Your Homes

Man went in search of dwellings to protect himself from the elements of nature. Today he builds magnificent homes with all kinds of unimaginable amenities.


What if the same buildings are damaged by elements of nature?

Poor construction practises, inferior quality of materials & lack of skilled labour force has made dampness, seepage and leakage a common occurence. Heavy rains bring water into our homes. Bathrooms cause dampness in the rooms below. Water tanks cannot hold water inside them.


Is there a solution for all these? Thankfully you have Vannam.

What Is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing comprises of two steps aimed at prevention of water ingress & creation of proper drainage.


Water doesn’t just show as damp spots on your walls or ceilings. It damages the concrete and metal reinforcements that hold the building together. Failing to address the issue leads to structural failures. This is why arresting the problem at the earliest is very important. You don’t have to wait to see damp spots before you get waterproofing done. As you know, prevention is always better than cure.

Water finds its way into your home through many routes. Vannam offers holistic waterproofing solution to protect fresh constructions and prevent damage to existing buildings. We have years of experience in solving complicated waterproofing issues and the buildings that we have protected stand testimony for the same.

How Does Vannam Protect Your Home?

Vannam will provide the best solution depending on the extent of damage and the work to be done. We have a holistic approach to your waterproofing issues. We have tied up with the best companies in the waterproofing industry to make sure that your building stays safe from water seepage and subsequent damages.

Inspection Of The Terrace

We start with the inspection of your terrace to identify the reasons for water ingress into your building

Submission Of Report

We shall submit our findings to you detailing the reasons for water leakage and what we will do to prevent further ingress of water and subsequent damage.

Submission Of Quotation

Vannam will provide a detailed quotation giving details of the area to be covered, the method of waterproofing, and the products that will be used.

Executing The Work

Once the quotation is approved we shall proceed with the work. Our team will provide you with daily updates on the work progress through a dedicated WhatsApp group.

Completion And Inspection

After completion of work, our supervisor will conduct a joint inspection with a nominated person from your building / home to show the work done.

How We Go About It?

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