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Everyone is unique. So are we!!

When a CA decides not to crunch numbers, when Engineers decide not to fly off abroad and when a designer decides not to turn fat people to thin ones on Photoshop, a legacy is bound to be created. Yes, Vannam was born to be the finest painting contractor in the country providing services with absolute professionalism and utmost transparency. We put in our quirky ideas and youthful exuberance and strived to make people happy, both customers and employees. Today, our relentless hunger for perfection and customer satisfaction has made us the fastest growing painting contractor in Chennai.

Our Milestones

  • Nov 23 - Vannam - the first professional Multi-Branded painting contractor is born

  • Dec 23 - The one-month old baby becomes the first in India to provide 24-hour painting help-desk

  • January 1 - Launch of Vannam’s mascot. Bristler arrives to make the world more colourful.

  • October 7 - Another superfast painting of a 15,000 sq. ft industrial kitchen within 16 hours.

  • November - The dreadful floods in Chennai. Vannam shows its human side by painting houses without profit.

  • June 27 - 10,000 people consider our Facebook posts worth reading

  • Sept 21 - The Hindu Cityscape features Vannam on their pages

  • Sept 28 - Vannam appears on The Hindu Tamil Newspaper

  • October 2 - Make a technology leap by adopting Automation and Spray Painting

  • October 6 - Vannam features on The Indian Express 

  • November 7 - We complete India’s first 24-hour painting project within 16 hours and 49 minutes.

  • September - We take another step to protect buildings - launch Waterproofing.

  • February - Painted Vannam's First one-lakh square foot building. Starting to the million mark?

  • August 29 - People hear the voice of Vannam through Channel Live FM Radio

  • October - Completed our biggest till date project Lancor Central Park West of 7-lakh square feet.

  • April 16 - Honoured with Performance and Excellence in Painting Award by Akzo Nobel

  • April 22 - Received The Performance And Excellence in Painting Award by Akzo Nobel for the 2nd consecutive year.

  • February 29 - Certified for Waterproofing, Structural Protection and Repair of Concrete Structures by Dr.Fixit Institute of Structural Protection and Rehabilitation.

  • March 23 - Vannam and the world shut down as Covid Struck.

  • August - Vannam becomes one of the few Certified Skilled Waterproofers under Dr.Fixit's Elite Waterproofer Programme.

  • February 22 - Resumed Full Fledged Operations after Lock down.

  • October 16 - Partnered with Nippon Paint India Private Limited to Protect Vannam's Biggest Painting Project for Lancor Central Park South for 10 Years.

  • February 9 - 5 Years after painting Lancor Central Park West, Vannam Partners with Dr.Fixit to Waterproof to waterproof its biggest project till date.

  • May 10 - Certified by Indian Concrete Institute for Waterproofing of Structures

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