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Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing

The deterioration of good construction practices has led to great improvement in waterproofing technology. With products that offer a warranty of up to 10 years, people have a newfound confidence in getting their homes waterproofed. Protecting the roof or the mother slab is critical to the life of the structure.

The impact of rains is felt most on the terrace. Quick draining of water, no stagnation and absence of water seepage is every house owner’s dream. But it stays a dream due to the following reasons.

Improper Slope

A minimum 1:100 slope in the terrace is one of the basic prerequisites of a good terrace. But, absence of the same is one of the common defects found on many terraces. Such improper slopes cause water stagnation on the terrace leading to water seepage issues. Even if you find slope correction too expensive to execute there are new technologies that help prevent water seepage in areas of water stagnation.

Inadequate Or Improper Outlets

There are specific standards that mention the number and size of drain outlets that must be present for a certain area. Insufficient numbers, wrong size and improper placement of drains allows water to stay on your terrace long enough to percolate through the roof.

Cracks And Gaps

Constant exposure to the elements of nature can damage even concrete. It develops cracks and these widen over the years. Concrete joints on the roof can also develop gaps that allow water to seep through. Our waterproofing experts will inspect your terrace for such issues and provide the necessary solution.

Parapet Walls

Ninety degree corners increase the risk of water stagnation and parapet walls are most vulnerable. Good construction practices demand the presence of angle fillets to prevent water stagnation around the corners. In case they are absent or are improperly constructed, angle fillets can be recreated or technologically improved products like joint tapes and corner tapes can be used to prevent water seepage.

Installations On The Roof

Fixing dish TV antennas, solar water heater panels and split AC units on the terrace directly is very common instead of providing them proper upstands . Such installations are not properly detailed around the holes leading to water ingress. Installations that have been removed can leave behind holes that allow water to pass through. Polyurethane sealants and triple-expansion polyurethane foams help plug these holes and prevent water seepage

Electrical Conduits

It is quite common to see open electrical conduits on the terrace. These form an excellent point of water inflow. Such water will flow wherever the conduit travels and can cause great danger to the occupants of the building. As part of our waterproofing process we shall ensure that a proper solution is provided to prevent water entry through these conduits.

The Reason

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The Solution.

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