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Vannam is a painting company based in Chennai, born with the vision to bring change. We started out with the idea to induce professionalism and transparency into the painting industry. Today, we are the fastest growing painting contractor in Chennai

Our meteoric rise to the top has been fueled by our penchant for perfection and customer satisfaction. Combining our knowledge of products and technologies with our youthful exuberance, we provide unique solutions for all your painting requirements.

Why Vannam?

What we do

Your search for a Painting Contractor ends here.

Interior Painting
Exterior Painting
24 Hour Help Desk
24 Hour Help Desk

Vannam launched India’s First 24-Hour Painting helpdesk in 2012. Be it questions about painting processes and prices, colour ideas for your home, or concerns regarding water seepage, we are available on 739 739 0001 at any time of the day. You can tap our vast reserves of knowledge wherever you reside over a call.

Men and Machines
Men and Machines

The amalgamation of human intelligence and machine capabilities leads to accurate assessment, improved quality and faster completion of work. We use Laser Distance meters, moisture meters and the latest diagnostic tools to analyze your surface. High-Pressure Washers, Wall Sanders, Crack Treatment tools and Jet Spray Machines help us deliver an exquisite finish.

Time is Money
Time is Money

As we highly value time, we have a no-compromise approach towards deadlines. Our computerized labour management and material procurement system, combined with a daily scheduling and tracking mechanism ensures smooth sailing. Dedicated WhatsApp groups for every project help us provide work plans, updates and preparation instructions.

Protect yourself up to 15 Years
Protect yourself up to 15 Years

Skilled workforce, state of art machinery and granular level planning enables us to offer up to 15 years of warranty. Stage-wise inspections by technically qualified people have helped us deliver unwavering quality consistently. This empowers us to stand by our commitment and offer strong after-sales support.

What they say

I want to share the experience with Vannam team. It was a nice journey.The journey started with Google. We simply decided to choose Vannam.
We gave full freedom to the Vannam team. We didn’t even choose colour for one of the bedrooms.
The day came, Kartik promised to finish it in one day. In the morning they came with 3 painters only. So wehad a fear that they won’t deliver the quality they promised.
At the end of the day we have never seen that perfection from any service… 200% perfection and the quality is awesome and we can’t find single drop of paint in the floor.

Nawas Khan

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