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Toilet Waterproofing

Toilet Waterproofing

Toilets are known as “wet areas” in the waterproofing industry. This is because there is almost constant presence of water in the bathroom. This could be in the form of water in the inlet pipes or water that falls on the floor during usage of the bathroom. The constant presence of water increases the chances of leakage. The water leakage that you find on your roof can be due to a problem in the bathroom directly above it.

A keen inspection and some valuable information from you tell us the reason for the leak. This helps address the problem correctly and give you a permanent solution. Use of technologically advanced waterproofing materials and a highly skilled workforce helps us give you relief from the headache of bathroom leakage. There are multiple reasons for the problem and we solve each of them with the most suitable solution.

The Reason

Image by Mia Baker

The Solution.

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