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Inner Beauty and Inner peace; We give you both!

Bricks and Stones can make a house, but it takes some colour to make it a home. Change your boring rooms to colourful masterpieces! We are here to weave magic within the four walls of your house. From shades that lighten up your mood to treatments that safeguard your walls, our interior painting service takes care of it all.


Don’t bother cleaning, we have got it covered.

The one thing that might stop you from painting your house is the mess it creates. But why worry about a mess when we avoid one? We move heavy objects out of our way, and mask the floors and all your possessions before starting the painting process. Your valuables are protected from paint spillage and you get a hassle-free painting experience.

Choose Vannam & leave your fears behind!

When you have always been told not to talk to strangers, we understand your hesitation in letting them into your house. Since safety is of paramount importance, we make sure that the painters sent to your house are screened and verified by us. We have all the necessary details of our painters as we run a complete background check on them prior to their employment with us. When you have chosen Vannam to be your painting contractor, you have already made the decision to stay safe!

Enjoy the flight of colours

When you enter the world of colours, you are spoilt for choice. Our colour experts can help you design the interiors of your house in the best possible way. We suggest themes that will set the mood of the house to your liking. Based on your furniture, room lighting and other room accessories, we give you exciting colour ideas that complement them. We transform your house into a showstopper!

Go Green, Colourfully!

Paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in them which release fumes that cause headache, nausea, memory issues and asthmatic problems. As a part of our Healthy Painting initiative, we use only Low VOC, Eco friendly paints which strictly adhere to the Green Seal Standard 11(GS11). Stop worrying and breathe an air of freshness during the interior painting process!