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Make the world stop and stare

More often than not, inner beauty isn’t enough; especially when it comes to your building. A good exterior painting process involves proper care to the walls and helps in creating a layer of resistance against heat, cold, rain and pollution. Besides sprucing up the appearance of your house, exterior painting does a world of good to the outer surfaces. Want to turn some heads? You are at the right place!


Bye Bye Brushes, Machines are here..

Painting over a clean building ensures the long useful life of paints. The High Pressure Washing Machines that we use, attack every nook and corner to ensure 100% removal of all loose dust particles, fungus and algae. This saves more than 50% of time and water when compared to the manual wire brush washing method employed by other exterior painting contractors. To top it all, this is an entirely eco-friendly process, as no harmful chemicals are used.

Safety comes first, always

Working at great heights is always a risk. One simple error can be disastrous. We take complete responsibility for the safety of our painters by using safety harnesses, descenders and fall arresters. In specific cases where risk is beyond the tolerance level, we go an extra mile, by insuring both the project and the painters, against any eventuality.

Let Your Walls enjoy a Trial Room Experience

It is easy to visualize colours for a very small area, but the same cannot be said when you choose colours for the exterior painting of your building. As the material requirement for vast exteriors is higher, a change in colour can burn a hole in your pocket. To make it easy for you, we paint three colour samples of your choice for free, to know how your exterior surface will look like! Now, deciding upon a colour is a piece of cake!

Our Quality Speaks Volumes

Every manufacturer will provide a warranty only when the painting is done as per the prescribed procedure. Manufacturers have a technical team to oversee the quality of painting in your project and they provide stage-wise reports after careful analysis. As we comply to all the standards set by the manufacturers, your project will be issued a warranty of up to 9 years!