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Everyone is unique. So are we!!

When a CA decides not to crunch numbers, when Engineers decide not to fly off abroad and when a designer decides not to turn fat people to thin ones on Photoshop, a legacy is bound to be created. Yes, Vannam was born to be the finest painting contractor in the country providing services with absolute professionalism and utmost transparency. We put in our quirky ideas and youthful exuberance and strived to make people happy, both customers and employees. Today, our relentless hunger for perfection and customer satisfaction has made us the fastest growing painting contractor in Chennai.


India’s 1st 24 hour help desk is just a phone call away.

In our effort to stand apart from other painting contractors, and, to promote transparency in this field, we have launched India’s 1st 24 Hour Painting Helpdesk.
Whether you give us the privilege of serving you or not, we are always there to clear your doubts. Be it color ideas or wall designs, painting procedure or painting prices, call us at 9962017311 and get all your queries clarified.

Be it your dress, be it your building, measurements are important!

Accurate measurements translate to accurate prices. Measurements being such a grey area in the painting industry, we make sure that we conform to the Indian Standard for Measurements (IS1200). We use high precision LASER Distance Meters to obtain precise dimensions and also provide you with an exhaustive statement detailing every area of your house.

Men and machines equal great quality!

Time and quality are the two most important words at Vannam. In our continuing effort to reduce time and improve quality, we have automated most of our processes using state of art machinery.
We possess Dry Wall Sanders in our interior painting process to create the smoothest of surfaces. High Pressure Washing machines and Jet Spray machines have made the exterior painting process a cakewalk by providing clean surfaces and a uniform finish.

Two heads are better than one!

We believe that the key ingredient to hassle free painting is constant supervision. For this, a Site Execution Engineer (SEE) is assigned to every project to oversee its progress. Not a day goes by without the SEE visiting your site.
To complete the two-tier supervision process, an experienced team leader also visits the site regularly. Before handing the project over to you, a joint inspection is undertaken to ensure that all the tasks have been completed to your satisfaction.

We have eyes everywhere!

When we give you a project completion date, we stick to it! Our services are based on a predetermined time schedule to improve your comfort.
Our computerized labour management and material procurement system, coupled with a daily tracking mechanism, ensures smooth sailing. Every process is mapped out on the computer before it becomes a reality. Now is it any surprise why deadlines don’t scare us?!

Seasons Change, Our quality doesn’t

To achieve the complete performance of the paint, it is necessary to follow the standards prescribed by the manufacturer. Our experienced team of painters are trained to deliver the highest level of quality and finish as per the manufacturer recommendation. So, we are able to provide you with up to 9 years of manufacturers’ warranty and 1 year of workmanship warranty.