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The Minds behind Vannam

Team Vannam was formed with a clear agenda. We wanted to prove that painting contractors need not necessarily be people with whom you had forced, awkward conversations with to get your house painted. Instead, they could always be people who you can trust to beautify your home, in your own unique way. Staying as quirky as we are, we have achieved this scenario today, with our passionate work and our refusal to go with the normal flow. The minds behind Vannam are as unique as the brand itself!


Kartik Srinivasan

Business Strategist

If Vannam was a superhero movie, Kartik would be the Evil Genius planning to take over the world! He lives and breathes business, but his greatest ideas always come when he is out on his bike. Someone once told Kartik to walk the talk, and he took it so literally that there is a trail running through our office floor! He is a Chartered Accountant by education, but the things that define him are way different. He is a salesman, photographer, singer, writer, an avid movie watcher, the Bossman and very very rarely, a normal human being!

Shyama Sivasubramanian

Chief – Marketing

It is quite ironic that the person behind Vannam’s clean, minimal ads is someone who is usually in striking nail colours and huge earrings. But that’s who Shyama is. Having completed her Masters in Advertising Design, she is always on the lookout for a good ad or marketing strategy. Malls are her second home and Shyama firmly believes that shopping solves all problems. With insurmountable excitement for everything from the daily newspaper to alien invasion, the best way to shut her ramblings is with a slice of pizza!

Mahiema Aditya

Chief – Administration

When wise men said that the best things come in small packages, they were probably talking about Mahiema Aditya. When the rest of us grab our gear and start building castles in the air, she is the one who serves us with a strong dose of reality. When the going gets tough, we all know to call in our knight on the shining Activa. A software engineer who ditches IT parks to head Accounts and Administration has got to be unique, and this one really is.

Vishak Ramanathan

Chief – Operations

Vishak has one motto in life – Be Jolly. He follows through with his ideology too, and is the one to find irony and humour in the gravest of situations. Even as he worked with the top names in the IT sector, Vishak dreamt of running a business. Now, as the Head of Operations at Vannam, he thrives in figuring out better ways to do the ordinary!