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Miracles can happen in a day!

Does asking for a week’s leave for painting leave you in a tizzy? Are you putting your whole life on hold for days together just to paint your house? You don’t have to worry about that anymore! We bring to you 24 Hour Painting for the first time in India. We can finish painting the interiors of your house in just a day by following a carefully constructed set of processes to ensure maximum quality in the shortest possible time. Give us 24 hours, and watch us work magic in your house!


Cruise away, we will take you ashore!

Vacations are purely for fun and enjoyment. They are not to be spent in watching paint dry on your walls! This was the thought that led to the launch of 24 Hour painting by Vannam. We guarantee a beautiful, fully painted house within 24 hours from the time we start. Now, you can head out to your favorite destination with your family from the warmth of your beautifully painted home.

The clock ticks in our favour!

Ensuring proper drying time for paints and primers is very important to get a good output. Painting over a semi dried first coat results in an improper second coat affecting useful life of the paint. We guarantee, that we will never compromise on the drying time in our 24 Hour Painting process. We plan it out in such a manner that each wall and each coat gets the proper drying time. This delivers superior quality in 24 Hours!

Winners finish first – In style!

We might be racing against time, but we will not stumble. Your worries of processes getting bypassed resulting in poor quality and finish, can be put to rest! Our planning mechanisms and optimum labour management systems ensure that all the processes are completed to perfection within 24 hours. You can be confident of getting the same great finish even if you don’t spend days on it!

Add some glamour, overnight!

When 24 hour painting in itself is a highly planned job, accommodating designs might look like it’s extremely difficult. But for us, it is not so. We ensure that a team specifically prepares the walls for design while we carry out the other painting processes. By the time most of the work is over, the wall is all ready for designs and we transform your wall into a designer space within just 24 hours.